Come prepared to sweat! This class is based on Baptiste Yoga Methodology.  Class pace is moderate to fast paced. Practice includes Sun Salutations to build strength and heat in the body, twists, balancing poses, igniting poses such as back bends, abdominal work, hip openers, and more...all leading up to the final deep rest pose - savasana.

 • This class is done in a heated room.  The heat encourages flexibility and detoxification.

 • Please bring a towel, mat and water.



Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing or flowing poses together so that you move from one to another, connecting movement and breath. Vinyasa classes offer a variety of poses to work the whole body. 

  • No two classes are ever alike!

  • Please bring a towel, mat and water.



In this vinyasa class, we will take time to discuss the group's needs and questions, then we will dive in to a group specific practice.  It will be your own personal yoga laboratory to explore and uncover new alignment in your yoga practice and your life! 


It is recommended that you have a previous or current yoga practice but is open to all who want to improve and grow.  


(No scientist coats or safety goggles needed!)​

Please bring a towel, mat and water.



Come to practice gentle stretches, build strength, gain balance, and release tension. Meditation and pranayama (breathing) techniques will be introduced. Many poses will use a wall for support and balance. Props may also be used for many poses. Expect to leave feeling grounded and calm to your core!

 • All levels welcome!





Pilates Mat class is a series of floor work exercises designed to work every muscle in the body in an efficient, focused manner. 


All levels, equipment-free class.


Breathing, centering, concentration, precision and flow are cornerstones to this practice.  Room heated to a comfortable, warm temperature of 84 degrees.  Be prepared to sweat!



Yin style of yoga is focused on relaxation, recovery, and healing.  You are encouraged to relax in the passive poses to allow the muscles and connecting tissues around a joint to release.  Poses are held starting 1-3 minutes and proceed to 5 minutes or more. These passive floor poses may focus on the shoulders and the lower parts of the body, such as hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower back and mid-back. 

  • Super meditative class


Vin Yin Yoga also known as Yin Yang.  Warm up and energize your body with a slow Vinyasa flow sequence, accessible to beginners and all levels.  Then finish off with Yin poses, allowing muscles and connecting tissues to soften and lengthen for a sweet release and great way to let go.  

Vin - short for Vinyasa is a practice of flowing with the breath while moving from pose to pose in a mindful way.,

Yin - is a practice of poses, mostly done on the floor and held 3-5 minutes which allows muscles and connecting tissues around the joints to soften and lengthen.​



BEYOND BEGINNER - Are you familiar with Yoga but haven't practiced in a while? Are you unsure how to begin your practice again, or wish to dive deeper into your practice? Are you past the beginner stage, but want a little bit more instruction on how to "break through"?

Beyond Beginner, that will help you refresh and renew your inside and outside! We will cover different poses you may not have tried yet, as well as different types of yoga practice. Every Wednesday evening we will move through an energizing and enlightening practice!

The fine print

Never feel pressure to do any pose that does not meet your personal awareness, skill set or fitness level.