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Looking for a new mat

Looking for a new mat or slipping on your existing one? Maybe it is time to invest in a new high quality mat to deepen your practice and prevent slipping. There are some great mats out there to choose from. Mat selection, like everything in life, is a person preference. Mat selection also depends on what type of yoga you are practicing. For power yoga, the first feature that I recommend, is that you look for a non-skid mat. For gentle yoga, the first feature that I recommend, is that you look for a thicker mat (5mm or thicker) but one that still has some stability to it.

Do some research on the mats you are considering by going on-line to check the manufacturer’s website for warranties, cleaning guide, and even the mat’s weight. With proper care and cleaning, most mats will last you many years. Also, check the manufacturer’s website to see what the mat is made from. If you have any allergies, such as allergies to latex, make sure you understand what your mat is made from.

Power yoga mat recommendations

Lululemon – The Reversible Mat - 5mm thickness – my mat of choice but they don’t last forever. I always use the flat or colored side up even though it is reversible. The mat has a bit of rubber smell when first used but it will fade with time.

Jade – A great, high quality mat! Jade Harmony is their most popular mat. Expect many long years from a Jade mat. Be sure you clean as recommended by the manufacturer. I prefer to use my Jade outside the studio when I’m practicing on the grass or at the beach. Made in the USA!

Manduka – Another great, high quality mat! Manduka Pro. A great mat for the price! A thick, dense, stable mat but known to be heavy. Your comfort may be worth it! Pay attention to which surface of the mat is recommended to use face up.

Gentle yoga mat recommendations

Gaiam – Premium Reversible Mat – 5mm thickness – a great mat for gentle yoga and won’t empty your wallet. This mat has a strong smell when you first take it out of the box but it fades quickly in a day or two. This is what I use for studio mats.

Jade – Extra thick Fusion Mat – For extra cushion and comfort. A bit pricy $ Expect many long years of use, make sure you clean as recommended by the manufacturer. This mat is a bit heavy but your comfort may be worth it!

Other great options to take back your practice to help you focus on the movement and the breath.

Use a skidless towel on top of your mat. Check out products such as Tapas Towels (Charleston, SC) or Yogitoes mat towels.

Use knee pads or hand/wrist pads. Use a blanket or towel for added cushioning or check out a product like YogaJellies.

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