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Power is...

“Power is the ability to be and let be.” - Aristotle

So agrees Debra Brooks, Certified Yoga Instructor and owner of the new Palm Power Yoga studio in Punta Gorda, FL.

When you walk into the large spacious studio on Elizabeth Street, the pristine wood floors and clean walls painted in soothing blues and greens welcome you in with an immediate sense of calm.

Power Yoga, as the name suggests, is a series of postures designed to improve strength and flexibility,and reduce stress. Debra explains,” Don’t let the word ‘power’ intimidate you. Power Yoga is a style of yoga that is accessible for everyone, and you can adapt it to your own fitness level. It’s detoxifying, therapeutic and meditative. It’s most often done in a heated room. The heat allows your muscles to become more limber and it helps your body to release toxins.” Inspired and trained by Baptiste Power Yoga, Debra offers Power and gentler styles of yoga, including Yin Yoga, as best to serve everyone from students to seniors. It is her mission to offer everyone the opportunity to find his or her path to better health and well-being, and to provide a style of yoga that is accessible to everyone. “Yoga is a practice,” says Debra. “To really understand it, you must experience it.”

To that end, Debra has some exciting events planned for the studio. In addition to a variety of yoga styles and class times to suit any schedule, she will be running special event workshops as well. So feel free to turn yourself upside down and try something new. In the upcoming months, there will be an Ashtanga Workshop, Arm Balancing/Inversion Workshop and more.

Take Debra’s advice, and “Let go, be free, and create your own power, which will allow you to follow your heart and embrace life!” She invites everyone to try strengthening Power Yoga, or start a little more slowly with a more passive style such as Yin Yoga or Gentle Yoga. There is something for everyone!

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