Yoga is in the news!

Everywhere I look lately, Yoga is in the news and magazines.

Ever wonder why?

Yoga can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. We do it at home, in the studio, at work, on the beach, and even at some airports. Many people start with a specific goal in mind, some of the top five reasons are improved flexibility, stress relief, general fitness, improving overall health and improving physical fitness. Many people soon discover the meditative as pects of yoga, the inner peace, and that is what keeps them coming back. It’s all about body, mind and spirit.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Mahatma Gandhi

Focus on the present moment – Yoga helps us to focus on the present…this time, this place, this moment. It teaches us how to wake up, pay attention and become aware. With better awareness, we can feel more connected and joyful, sleep better, calm ourselves during stressful situations and make better relationships. I can’t tell you how many people come into the studio and say how much they are looking forward to time for themselves, to still their mind and simply be present after a busy work day. Commit to your health, silence your inner critic and feel great both on and off the mat.

Discover how making even the smallest shift, can transform your body, mind and spirit. It is never too late to start; the body and mind will respond!

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