Yoga can help improve your balance

Balancing is a complex interaction between the sense of touch (body weight), the workings of the inner ear and our vision. Practicing yoga postures (asanas) can help improve our balance by increasing physical and mental balance; improving strength, improving coordination, increasing flexibility, incre

asing range of motion and strengthening our sense of where our body is in space (proprioception).

When we move our bodies in yoga, we work to build awareness and a sense of where our body is in space which helps us safely maneuver in our environments. We learn to distribute weight equally in our feet, helping increase balance and stability. We even learn to balance while sitting, helping to strengthen our core and back. Moving our bodies will also improve range of motion and coordination, which are all very important for balance.

Another component of balance is your vision or focal point. In yoga, we focus on keeping our eyes still and in one spot (Drishti) which can help your balance.