The Power of So What

As I prepare to sit and blog, I randomly turned to the chapter on "The Vulnerability Armory" in the Brene Brown book, Daring Greatly. I have not looked at this book in over two years, yet today I opened it to read the words "Perfectionism is the enemy of done." and "Good enough is really effin' good."

This is the universe's way of telling me to go for it! So here it goes...

Find your tribe, not everyone will like you and your blog. That's okay. Spend time connecting with the people who are your tribe. They love and support the real you. Be the real you. There are haters in this world that will criticize everything. Don't waste time on the haters. It is their way of getting attention. Are they willing to do the work to share their gifts with the world? I'm guessing not. It is easier to criticize what someone else does versus putting something out there. Connect with your tribe.

Don't let perfectionism be your enemy. It will rob you of putting yourself out there. For me, it is a form of fear. What if they don't like me, what if my message is not well written or what if my message is not deep enough.

As the words start to flow, I'm reminded of my Baptiste Yoga - Level 2 training and the power of two words "SO WHAT!" So I say now, so what if you suck at least you tried.

Give yourself permission to be messy and humble. Be proud of your mess and redefine your success. (Hey that rhymes!)

Sit and write for 20 minutes, use a timer. Let it flow and be messy. Be vulnerable and love yourself anyway.

There is power that comes with "So What". Find your power.

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