Meditation Class

Beginner Yoga

4 week Beginner Series

2020 Jan 9 - 30,

Feb 6 - 27 

Start any Thursday !

Thursday nights

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Cost $50

Beginner friendly yoga. Learn breath techniques, basic yoga poses, and gentle movement suitable to any body.  

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Contact the studio at 941-979-6017 to reserve your spot or email

Drop ins are welcome at the normal class prices.

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Arm Balance Flight, Inversions and Transitions with Diane Lazic

2020 Mar 21 

Saturday, 12:00-1:30 PM

Advanced pricing $40 ends 3/19, Normal pricing $45

This workshop is wonderful for the curious! We teach and discuss the importance of transverse abdominis. We will deconstruct, demonstrate and thoroughly explain the potential of flight that can occur with consistent practice. We will deepen and build upon our theory of fundamental and intermediate work then demonstrate how to jump out of and transition into a few poses.

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Arm Balancing Fundamentals with Diane Lazic 

2020 Feb 22 

Saturday, 12:00-1:30 PM

Advanced pricing $40 ends 2/20, Normal pricing $45

Arm balance Fundamentals is a wonderful place to start if you have always wanted to understand arm balances. This is a foundational workshop that teaches how to safely prepare wrists and warm up for primary arm balances. We will teach a little history and purpose then how to execute beginner arm balances. Students will learn key drills, skills, and prerequisites for each beginner arm balance.

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Understanding Intermediate Arm Balances with Diane Lazic

2020 Mar 7

Saturday, 12:00-1:30 PM

Advanced pricing $40 ends 3/5, Normal pricing $45

This playful workshop will expand your understanding of intermediate and advanced arm balances. We will delve deeper into purpose, subtle body energy exchanges, bandhas and drishti of Intermediate and some advanced Arm balances. We will explain prerequisites that indicate clearly when you are ready for the journey to intermediate arm balance work and which balances are best to learn first. We will also teach drills to prepare to meet the prerequisites. All levels are welcome and we will teach ways to safely prepare the body and mind for the journey of intermediate and advanced arm balances.

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